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Nordic Euphony Records is the first Finnish instrumental record label focused on Classical Piano Music. All releases are distributed by Orchard under Sony Music.

The label was Founded by Miika & Roope Blomqvist in cooperation with Sony Music Finland in 2022. 


Our vision in all simplicity is to appreciate and support the musical art that the artist creates in all forms. 

When we founded the company, the long term goals were very clear and united with Orchard and Sony Music. We all wanted quality over quantity and to produce as many accomplished classical artists to the world as we ever could.


As a classical pianist myself, I feel like it is my duty to offer the best distribution options on the market in a way that our artists can keep most of the profits and build their careers. I believe that when you genuinely want the best for the artist, you will end up with the best results.”


- Miika Blomqvist (A. Blomqvist)

Founder of Nordic Euphony Records

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